Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14: When my mind grows wild

A few choice phrases from my meandering morning pages:

The first page. What will I write today? Why am I here? Where will I go? Enjoy it while it lasts. Isn't it heartbreaking when men say such things. I can believe in a life I create for me and by me. My house is so clean that I hardly want to mess it up with painting. The second page. Donate art to auction. Pick a low hanging fruit from my tree of abundance. What will I do with the crow painting? I feel mint green hues coming on. Who is this being inside of me obsessed with making things? I have so many good toys at home and not enough time to play with them. The third page. Why is the third page such a push? What will JaniceArtShip write today? The yard of my mind grows wild when it hasn't been maintained. Don't be alarmed if he doesn't come by for awhile. Let it be. Move with the flow of the day. It's all divinely orchestrated. Don't create drama where there is none. Stop holding on so tight. Breathe. Know that today is just one day. One day that is pretty great. 24 hours of peaceful mundane.

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