Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16: The Great Fishbowl Giveaway

Today has been great. All my plans were canceled and I spent the day doing the two things I love doing around the house: 

1. Puttering.
2. Avoiding doing morning pages.

So I puttered all day long and got to my morning pages right before this blog. It's 9:30 pm.

But, whilst puttering and avoiding morning pages, I was being very creative. I first did some book binding with some of the supplies I excavated during last week's clutter upheaval. Here is my new book made out of old things:


I used an old file folder, a pile of blank paper, a random Monopoly card and some ribbon to bind my new journal together. Here is the inside:

Of course, I won't actually use the journal because I already have my favorite journal of all time. But, I decided that it would make a great gift. By the way, my favorite bookbinder is Erin Zam.

After this creative burst, more creativity ensued.

Shit she's on a roll. 

You betcha.  I made a little chapbook out of a story I wrote about all this clutter I've been cleaning up. And here it is:

And the inside:

I made a print run of three copies. My little "After the Artist's Way Press" spent the afternoon binding these books with pretty paper, linen thread and a girl's best friend: the X-Acto knife.

I'm sending two copies out to two of my dear friends who send me letters all the time. One lives in Dublin and the other lives in Toronto. Three guesses!

This got me thinking. This idea of sending fun things to people in the mail. If you, dear reader, send me your mailing address, I'll put said address in a fishbowl along with other readers. I'll draw a name randomly and send that lucky someone something fun in the mail. Maybe even volume 2 of my chapbook series. This, of course, is absolutely free. Or should I say FREE.

Direct marketing has gone to her head. 

Hey, the checks clear.

If you email me your address to I'll throw it in the fishbowl immediately. Now that I think about it, I don't have a fishbowl. Perhaps this will become The Great Vase Giveaway.

*Flowers courtesy of Josh.

How about The Great Easter Basket Giveaway?

Or even The Great Pyrex Bowl Giveaway...

All this taking photos and uploading them is tiresome. Just trust that I'll find something large to put your address in so I can pull it out and send you something wonderful in the mail all spontaneous like.

Privacy Policy: I won't go selling your mailing address to the highest bidder so you won't be sold to by those dreaded direct marketers.

A.K.A. your livelihood.

Like I said, the checks clear.

Your address is just for The Great Big Receptacle Giveaway. And it's FREE and it's just for fun. Oh yeah. Good times. Send me your mailing address to pronto so I can begin this super fun random giveaway thing. This is so cool that I might throw my own address in just to get something fun in the mail.


  1. The checks clear. Nice line.

  2. Yes Jeff. It was in homage to you, my wonderful office spouse from days of yor.


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