Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17: The Great Fishbowl Revealed

Check out the sweet fishbowl I procured after yesterday's post:

With this donation to the cause, I can now add all the names of people who want to be in my drawing to win random awesomeness.  If you, too, want to be entered into the drawing to win random awesomeness, email your mailing address to Check yesterday's post for details.

I realize that telling you that you could "win random awesomeness"  is vague. Bear with me. I'm new at this.

Except for the decade of direct marketing.

Right. Except for that.

To recap, give me your mailing address (by emailing me) and I'll put it in the fishbowl. I'll draw out names at random and send the winners something awesome in the mail. The two winners from today (I chose them already before I thought of the whole fishbowl giveaway thing) will be receiving this short story written by me and created here at After the Artist's Way Press using my crafty bookbinding skills:

Anywho, it's Sunday and it's raining. Coffee tastes so much better in the rain. It also tastes better in a white diner mug. The kind that the waitress keeps filling every time she walk by so that you can't ever really get the perfect milk to coffee ratio, but you don't care because you like how she calls you "darlin'", the coffee is warm, it's raining outside and you've got plenty of time to look out the window, sip and daydream.

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