Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22: The new me

A poem that fell out of my pen and onto my morning pages today: 

The old me would have fumed
She would have whined
She would have screamed
I can't let it go!
I can't let myself go!
I've got to keep it all from unraveling!

The new me goes about my business
And keeps that business to myself
Because to speak of it diminishes its value
And invites opinions and projections
No thanks, I don't care what you think
I really don't
It's not you, it's me
The new me

The new me romances alone time
They lay together and listen to the rain
She pillow talks with silence
And cuddles with daydreams

The old me pipes in with flashing eyes
But the new me stares her down
The old me sulks away
The new me won't make any drastic moves
She'll give it a few weeks
And in a few weeks, she'll give it a few more
In the meantime, she'll paint more crows and cars 
The new me knows that decisions make themselves
And she breathes deep into the knowing of that
She lets the reins slack a little
Lets life take care of her for awhile
She doesn't need to do everything all the time
Life brings her messages, events and people
Life is a good companion
Much better than the old me


  1. Love poems! Fun. The "old" me would have kept multitasking, where the "new" me just sits still and has a coffee.

  2. Love it. The allowing-ness of it.


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