Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 27: iPad

The only thing that could be better than Apple's new iPad is the name. How about iSlate? How about i-anything-but-something-that-reminds-ladies-of-something-else.

And a camera for video chat. The iPad could do with one of those. Perhaps it's available already. If so, I apologize for my slack reporting skills.

Ever since Apple announced the new iTampon... sorry... iPad today, I've been pondering the future of books. The books I write in the future can be much more high tech than the books of my past. The books of the future can include video right there on the page! Right there! On. The. Page.

Some say, oh but I LIKE the tangibility of flipping through a books. I liked record albums, too, but I'm not about to do away with the awesomeness of iTunes just because I like records. Oh the beauty of the skipping song and how it etches in my memory. I still can't hear ABBA's Super Trouper without remembering the skip in the second verse.

Bring on non-tangible-books please.

Allow your mind to daydream about the possibilities.


  1. Janice MacLeod You Are A Superstar

  2. I thought maybe they were trying to keep the name close to know, just change up one letter and people will buy it. You would think they HAD to consider the feminine hygiene implications at some point when naming the thing...

    I still like paper books. It's going to take me awhile to convert.

  3. Not sure about the analogy of the record skipping vs. the tangible, tactile, substantial, visceral experience of holding a book as you read it. Holding a book, seeing where you started and how far you have to go always gives me a sense of both anticipation and accomplishment. Especially if it's a 1000-page sucker like the new Stephen King I just finished. And frankly, I've never gone on vacation and felt the need to take 100 (or 15000 per your iPod reference) books with me. Also, my eyes are getting worse as I'm writing this, so I much prefer the printed word on paper instead of onscreen. It saddens and surprises me you can't wait for books - real books - to be a thing of the past. Oh well, gotta run - I'm going to go watch Avatar on my 2.5" iPod screen. I'm sure it'll be just the same as in a theater.

  4. Jeff you have a gift. You can argue with me and make me laugh all inside the same paragraph.

  5. Bethoney ImbeaultJanuary 30, 2010

    "right there. on. the. page."
    fantasticly funny!!
    great enjoying your morning pages.

  6. Thanks Bethoney, I had no idea there were two e's in your name. Learn something new every day.


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