Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28: The forgotten pages

I sat down to do my morning pages just to realize a startling fact:

I had already done them.

I had forgotten that I had written them already today.

Gawd, you always go on about writing them. Then you forgot? 

Yep. I forgot. I forgot because I had written them so fast. I had written them so fast because I was seething. I was seething because I was trying to sign up on a new Web site and was having technical difficulties, which led to an inner temper tantrum.

That Web site got a few choice words from me... in the privacy of my own journal.

After I spewed out my venomous rage about said site onto the page, I went for a very long walk and listened to my meditation CD. I needed to calm the eff down.

There she goes not swearing again. WE KNOW what "eff" means.

Sigh. Anyway. Then I came back to the office feeling spent but better, so much better in fact that I had forgotten the whole episode of angst.

This is a new development for me and I like it. I like it very much.

We like it too, but we'd prefer if you use the "eff" word. 


  1. I also prefer "eff" as opposed to the other vulgar option. To say "oh, fer eff sakes!" uses a little more alliteration, nicer ring to it. Of course, I do use the other option at my discretion, usually followed by a "you, and the horse you rode in on!".

  2. I shall incorporate the "you, and the horse you rode in on" into my vernacular. It's too wonderful of an expression!


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