Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5: Tools

People have asked me what kind of journal and pen I use to do my morning pages. Lucky for you, dear reader, I have a penchant for stationery. Below, you will find my preferred tools of the trade.

The journal: Thin enough to throw in any bag without weighing you down. Spiral binding so it lays flat and pages can be flipped with ease. Also, if you have a super skinny pen, you can park it in the binding for ultra convenience.

Check out the price (purchased at Urbanic Paper Boutique on Abbott Kinney in Venice, CA).

That's right. A mere $4.95. So you can buy the whole array of colors, which I did since, as I mentioned, I have a penchant for stationery.

The pages are also perfectly sized to ensure I don't shirk on my morning pages responsibilities. I'm not about to write 3 post-it notes and call it a day. No siree. Not this morning page writer.

The paper is ivory, not white, so your eyes don't strain. Plus, the lines are gray, not black or blue, which gives the traditional journal a modern twist. And when you have the perfect journal, you'll need the perfect pen, which is clearly the Uni-ball Vision Micro with black ink. With this, you could write on a grain of rice or even an ant. It's that good. 

This pen is so good that even if you don't think you can write or draw, you can with this pen. The ink flows so nicely. You barely need to use any torque to get your ideas onto the page.

Did I just use the word torque? 

So there you have it, folks. My preferred tools for my morning pages.

Do you have a preferred journal or pen? Lined or unlined? Black ink or a rainbow array? Hardcover or softcover? Spiral binding, saddle stitch or "perfect" binding (which I find not perfect at all). Let me hear it. Let's start a stationery discussion. Or even a revolution! Vive le stationery! Vive le morning pages!


  1. Totally with you on the stationary thing. Also, uniballs the only pens I use until empty. Wonder where I could find those lovely books in Canada? Googling now...

  2. May I just say, oh lovely writer, Janice. I, too, love, love, love the Twin Ring notebook. I haven't been able to find them since the initial discovery in Coronado. So, you saved me! Thank you for this and your words. The are inspiring.

  3. I'm all about stationery stores and supplies. I was an architect major and I believe that 90% of the reason I chose that was because of the cool supplies I knew I would need to buy and oh, Mike Brady,
    Seriously, you had me at stationery. Also, aren't foreign stationery stores way better than those that we have in the US?
    My favorite supplies are: Rhodia notebooks, all sizes, Japanese notebooks with Japanese writng that I don't understand, and these french little books that I collect but can't recall the name just now.
    Pens, pencils, erasers! oh, the joy! Currently, my son and I are into Furst mechanical pencils, Kaweco fountain pens (especially in neon orange and transparent), Caran D'Ache Swiss ballpoint pens (so smooth).
    There is an artist who has a blog and his name is James Gurney. There is a great photograph of his favorite supplies. Check it out, it's delicious!
    Happy Nomading.


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