Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7: My mind is a pinball machine

Spoke with Julie. Got update on the new baby. Thought about girls names and boys names. I want a new record player. I want a crockpot, too. Thrift store. What will I write in my blog? Read travel blog: tripaddiction to research Italy. Explored hubpages to see what the big deal is. Watched Marley & Me last night. Cute. Bawled. Felt guilty for not painting last night. Explored feeling guilty about not painting. Tonight is meditation class. Tomorrow is Friday. Looked at tagged photos of me on facebook. Untagged unflattering photos. Wondered about the intimacy dance of new relationships. Wondered why don’t I want coffee anymore. Lost my taste for it. Dialogued with my body about it. My body said the detox is a good thing. Want to stay home and organize papers this weekend. Get 2009 squared away. Want to want to paint. Want to want to go to yoga. Want to want a lot of things. Want more blog ideas. Don’t want get carried away. Morning pages and blogging about it is enough. Let that be enough. Wondered where this is getting me.

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  1. I just watched "Marley and Me" a couple of days ago - laughed and cried!


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