Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8: Sit Ubu Sit... Good dog

Greetings from the 76 station near my illustrious advertising agency in sunny Woodland Hills, California. Getting my oil changed. Just finished up my morning pages here on the benches as the fellas spit and polish my car. (The oil change came with a free wash. Love LA!)

A lady sat next to me and said she was impressed that I brought my journal to write while I wait. I told her I was trying to write three pages a day. "Morning pages!" she exclaimed. Why yes. Then we talked about morning pages and the Artist's Way and this blog. It was a magical moment.

Then her car was ready and the moment was gone. That's how it is. No one waits. She sped off like the roadrunner right around the top of my third page. My car was complete soon after and I was also about to speed off. That's how it is. No one takes their time. When the car is done, you leave like you have somewhere very important to be even if you've got all the time in the world.

But I had one more page to do. A voice came into my head that said "Sit Ubu Sit... Good dog." Then the bark. The guy parked my car over in the waiting area and I sat to finish up my third and final page of the day.

Sometimes you've just got to take some time to get it done, dig?


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