Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9: Organizational Superstar

I woke this morning and an obsessed energetic Type A personality took over my body and started cleaning out closets.

I tossed papers, receipts, manuals for items I no longer possess, photos.

She tossed photos? Isn't that against the rules? She's ruthless.

I was ruthless.

As I was sorting through my crap, I recalled my time at my mother's house over the holidays. I have created my own little ritual at Christmas time. Each year when I go back to my mom's house, I go to the basement and clean out a few boxes of my things. My mother is kind to let me store my crap.

"Well I certainly won't deal with it. As far as I'm concerned, your boxes can sit there all year waiting for you to go through them. Damned if I'm gonna do it." -- Mom

This time, I went through boxes from university. Everything was immaculately organized. Martha would be proud. All my term papers and notes were organized in neat little folders.

Tossed it all.

She tossed it all?! What if she needs something?

I doubt my essays from Drama 101 will serve me now. And my notes from Computer Science 101 are now so very obsolete. We didn't even have the internet. And I'm not even that old?

Well she's not that young if she went to school before the Internet.

Hello, 1997.

Why am I arguing with this peanut gallery italicized voice? Who is it anyway?

Your reader. 

Oh. Thanks for stopping by. Follow me on twitter: JaniceArtShip.

Anyway, I also tossed letters from my university friends. I had many letters. Since it was before email.

Tossing letters?! Now she's gone over the edge. Heartless. 

Did I really think I'd read them when I'm an old lady sitting in my rocking chair on my front porch?  Unlikely. I could hardly remember who half these people were anyway. I tossed it all. My university days are but a memory, which is easier to store and lighter to carry than all those boxes.

"I agree! More room for my fake Christmas tree in the basement now. I don't even need to take it apart!" -- Mom

Back to present day. The worst area to clean was my art supply closet. I had dreams of doing art like Sabrina Ward Harrison so I kept collecting random tidbits to create my future masterpieces. In the end, the pile of tidbits grew faster than the art.

Tossed. It. All.

But what if? 

Gone. No sense arguing about it now. Besides, I should be doing my own paintings and not Sabrina Ward Harrison knockoffs. All the stuff I collected was from who I was. Not who I am now. I also tossed a slew of morning pages.

Now she's gone too far.

Listen. They were pretty boring. A lot of offloading of emotion or figuring out plans. They served their purpose. I've moved on. I'm sure one day I'll toss the morning pages I wrote today. Let's say farewell to 2009 and even 1997. Let's get on with 2010. Bring it on.

"Bring it on." -- Mom
See? My mom supports me.

Fine. Bring it on. 

Thank you.

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