Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 32: Winners of the Great Fishbowl Giveaway

First, allow me to congratulate myself on one full month of doing my morning pages and my blog.

Three cheers for Janice! Rah rah rah!

Thanks, reader. You're always there to cheer me on.

I've read every blog. I should get some kudos, too, non?

Definitely. Reader, you are wonderful to show up here and read my blog. You are wonderful to leave comments, to let me know that you've been inspired to do your morning pages, and to send good vibes even if you don't make yourself known. I can feel your good vibes... especially you, Harsha.

So, today my morning pages were all about ideas for Volume 2 of The Great Fishbowl Giveaway.

To recap without having to click back (unless you want to), I'm creating fun flat things to mail out to random readers so they get something wonderfully awesome in the mail. To participate, all you need to do is email me your mailing address. Don't worry, I won't sell it to a direct marketing advertising agency and I won't show up unexpected to your house for dinner... unless you are related to me. I will put your mailing address in my fishbowl and draw out the lucky winners. The fishbowl:

Last month's, I had three lucky winners:

1) Aine M.
2) Scott C.

They won this chapbook, bound by After the Artist's Way Press (aka me):

3) Carla M. won this handmade journal:

I've got so many great and wonderful ideas for the next set of prizes. I will mail out the prizes at the end of February. I'm not going to tell you what they are. The surprise is half the fun!  To participate, email me your mailing address pronto.

And another added bonus... when you win, you still keep your name in the bowl. YOU COULD WIN EVERY MONTH!

The beauty of creating this contest is that I get to do it my way. I also get to make up the rules as I go along.

Congratulations, winners.


  1. Way to go Janice! 11 months to go. Collecting addresses, boosting response with free giveaways...hmm, what was your day job again?!

  2. Janice, I am definitely emailing you my address. I would really like to win something. It will make me feel lucky and happy and I will have more joy to share in the world. I am also doing "The Artist's Way," and I am on week 3. I have trouble completing all of the tasks that are assigned within the allotted 7 days. It reminds me of how I was always behind in my spelling book in 3rd grade. What does that mean? How DO you have time to blog about it too? You are an inspiration.
    Lisa K.

  3. Do I need to send my addy each time the goldfish bowl comes up? Or do I sit here in cold Toronto knowing that my name is happily waiting to be picked out of said bowl again?
    (Chap Book WInner)
    I can attest!! The prize exists, and it was fabulous. I've already shared the joy with several close friends. They are all jealous that I got such a fabulous prize in the mail! I'm lucky!

  4. Yes, Scott. That's right. You can rest assured that your name is happily waiting to be picked out of said bowl again. Joy of joys!

    And Lisa K, girl, I need your MAILING address for fun random things to arrive in the mail should your name get chosen. Email it to me.


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