Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 37: Artist Date #1 Super wonderful happy times @ Mitsuwa

I have a confession: I'm an artist date avoider.

If you don't know what an artist date is, it's an outing you take yourself on to replenish your creative pool. It's one of the activities in the course, the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron...

How long will she keep writing that it's by Julia Cameron? Doesn't everyone know by now?

Hey reader, have some respect.

Where was I? Yes, the artist date. When taking the course, one is required to go on one artist date per week. I've always groaned at this, even more so than with the morning pages. But, after 37 days of doing morning pages, I thought I should just friggin' do it already.

Off I went to Mitsuwa Marketplace. A super wonderful happy time Japanese grocery store.


I bought a daikon, miso soup and a crazy array of mushrooms, including chocolate mushrooms that I ate in the car on the way home. The daikon sits on my counter top as I write this. I have no idea what to do with a daikon, though I'm considering putting googly eyes on it so we can have an old fashioned staring contest. 

My super wonderful happy time Japanese friend Sharon met up with me afterward and we went to Soaptopia to buy lots of smelly soaps that they make right there in the store. 

 (Photo from the Soaptopia site)

The owner used to work in advertising just like me. One day she said, "Eff this crap. I'm going to make soap" so that's what she did. And now she has the cutest shop ever and because of her pursuing her dreams, I'm gonna smell great! 

I don't know why I hesitated on taking myself on artist dates. I had many excuses but mostly it was all about time. I don't have time to go out. Or, I spend so much time away from home that I just want to stay home. I just have to keep reminding myself that artist dates are super wonderful happy times.


  1. The more Japanese people you hang out with, the more creative you get. Love, your Japanese friend Sharon

  2. didn't know that you have mitsuwa near you, great! ask me if you want to transform your daikon yummy ;)


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