Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 40: I am no longer a vegetarian

Worse. I'm vegan.

Here's what happens when you read Eating Animals and The Kind Diet: You can't stomach the idea of ever eating meat, dairy or eggs again. You just can't do it. You can't do it to the earth, to the animals or to your body. You just can't look at any of that so called food and consider putting it into your body.

Here's what happens when you tell your readers that you're going to send random readers random awesomeness in the mail: You get random awesomeness in the mail from readers! My sister (who I found out does in fact read this blog) sent me a letter with photos from my birthday (printed photos) and a birthday card from dad. Getting a card from my dad was truly a surprise. He lives off the grid. Hardly easy to give him a call. Not even easy to mail him a note. My sister mailed the card for him. And this package was truly random as my birthday was December 27 aka The Best Day Ever. Except for today which is 9/02/10. Happy 90210 day!

Just picked up Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame. She speaks of writing and her TED talk makes me sigh with great satisfaction.

Alright. Off to create the next giveaway in The Great Fishbowl Giveaway. If you want to participate, email me your MAILING address. I'll put your name in the bowl and if it gets drawn, you get random awesomeness in the mail.


  1. "Worse. I'm vegan." LOL. Right on my fellow vegan sistah! And by "worse" I'm sure you mean "awesomer".

  2. Eek now I'm scared to read those books.... I don't want to give up my tasty, tasty bacon!


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