Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42: Comments on the comments

Wowee there was an outpouring of comments and emails after yesterday's post. Hey reader, thanks for responding.

Some of your comments made me smile, others made me weepy and in a few I wondered just what you were really saying. In all cases though, I fully appreciated your participation in my little blog here. And I did like picturing you getting emotional at your office desk with co-workers walking by, or at Starbucks or at your kitchen table.

It was allergies.

Ya, ya, I know that trick. I used it, too, you emotion-filled love muffin, you.

Speaking of love muffins, Valentine's Day is coming up. Last year I made a slew of valentines for my friends. This year I can hardly eek out a cup of coffee for myself. Just as well because I got RANDOM AWESOMENESS IN THE MAIL AGAIN! This time I got a valentine that came complete with a Peet's coffee card.  


It got me fired up to work on your little gifty-poo that I'm sending to you, dear reader, in the mail. That is if you emailed me your MAILING address and I pick it out of my fishbowl at random. Details can be found here. It's called the Great Fishbowl Giveaway, but the name is confusing. I'm not giving away a fishbowl. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share with the class. Perhaps I should have a naming contest for my giveaway contest. Ugh. Too confusing.

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