Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 45: The unexpected Valentine's Day artist date

The best artist dates are the ones that turn into something unexpected.

Today I had expected to go to the garden center for my artist date. I wanted to pick up some herbs. I'd been there before to buy herbs but somehow, through over-watering and over-sun exposure, I managed to seal their fate.

Too much love can do that sometimes. (Keep this in mind this Valentine's Day, young lovers.)

So I went to find other tasty victims at the garden center. I filled up my bike basket with pretty herbs. Then I meandered my way back toward my house when something in a cemetery caught my eye. A man was sitting in a lawn chair beside a plot in the cemetery. And he was doing a crossword puzzle. At his feet, in front of the plot, was a dozen roses and a balloon that said, "I love you." This guy must have been celebrating Valentine's Day with his wife who had probably passed away. How sweet is that? 

Trying to avoid weirding him out, I biked along the paved paths of the cemetery for awhile. Cemeteries fascinate me. Seeing all those names and wondering about those lives (and deaths) gets me feeling grateful about being alive.

I wonder what my new herbs were thinking. This chick buys us, throws us in her bike basket, then takes us to a cemetery! 

Don't worry little herbs. I'll take care of you when I get home. Bwah-ha-ha-haaa.

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  1. What a sweet image. I hope his wife appreciated the gestures. :)


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