Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 46: Avatar's spirtitual elements

Since I'm hopelessly romantic, I went to see Avatar for Valentine's Day.

It's eye candy like crazy. And it has spiritual elements that make me ponder. More about this in a new article at Oprah. The three spiritual elements weaved throughout the movie and mentioned in the article are:
  1. Honoring the sacred
  2. Connecting with spirit
  3. Remembering our interconnectedness
All this made me really see my brazil nuts this morning, to chew them with gratitude, to feel truly at one with my brazil nuts.

Why does connecting with brazil nuts sound like a joke?

Not sure, but I must admit, my brazil nuts were extra tasty.

Anyway, Avatar has all the elements of an artist date: Beauty, inspiration, ideas that make you ponder.

See it. So worth it.

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  1. I saw Avatar shortly after it was released, and was so glad I did! I love the spirituality of it, and now that I'm doing The Artist's Way myself, I'm beginning to feel that interconnectedness in my own life.


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