Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 50: Top 10 morning pages quotes

I'm reviewing my morning pages from January. Some of them are drab. That's not true. Most of them are drab. But I did find 10 choice quotes worth sharing:

Top 10 morning pages quotes:
"The path to veganism is paved with oatmeal."
"We showed up here in this life for each other out of great love and exuberance." 
"Thank you for whispering this project in my ear. Is this what happens after healing? All that is left is gratitude?"
"If I don't know what to do, Spirit will step in to help me out with either a nudge or a shove."
"If it had worked out with that ad guy, I would have had to play the role of the ad girl at home, too. Ya, that would have never worked out. I would have busted out of there."
"I saw four big zits on people today. They were all ready to pop. Maybe that's the message: Get ready to pop."
"My plan is to pretty much rock the house. To be amazing." 
"I can't keep up when they are playing dirty."
"Crows. All these men are crows. Pecking at me and hollering in my ear." 
 "I'm going to lead you there gently."
 After reviewing my list, I see a spirituality meets boy-crazy meets confidence meets frustration.

Yep, that's me alright. 

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  1. funny, funny, funny


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