Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 52: I double dog dare you to answer this question

My friend Allan asked me this question the other day while we were at brunch:
"If you had all the money and time you needed, and you had traveled around the world for a few years to see whatever you wanted to see, what would you do with your life?"
My eyes widened and I told him I needed to think about it. This question required serious pondering.

I came home and whipped out my morning pages journal. Immediately a book series came to mind. This is not exactly a leap since I already have two books in a series out there in the world.

Shameless self-promotion.

Ya, I'm okay with that. This series expanded by leaps and bounds as I fantasized about it in my morning pages. I came up with not one or two titles but twenty-freaking-two titles.

I also saw myself writing this series in my swanky ocean side home, sipping coffee and wearing yoga pants.

She loves the yoga pants.

She sure does.

Dear reader, I strongly encourage you to ask yourself this same question. What would you do if you had all the money and time you needed, and you'd already spent a few years to see whatever you wanted to see in the world?

It's a great and powerful exercise. I dare you. I double dog dare you.


  1. I would go fishing for hours on end each day of the summer, and of course there would be no bugs. For the rest of the year I would knit and nap. Bliss.


  2. EASY ~
    I would BUILD a NON-PROFIT "animal adoption agency". Then I would spend the rest of my years loving and caring for these furry critters ~ oh to dream.......

  3. Thank you for posting this question... it brought me to my true essence - the spirit of me. Love the suggestion!

  4. Twenty-two?! Dang, woman!

    I would buy a vineyard, some goats and maybe a few cows and learn to make wine and cheese.

    And I would try to write lots of books...maybe even 22.


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