Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 53: A moving addiction

I just fell in love.

Let me explain.

I have this addiction. It's called Random Web Addiction.

Back in the old days, before the advent of the social media superstar, Facebook, I was addicted to emails. I'd send them and receive them, anticipate them and basically occupy myself with them gleefully throughout my day. That "ping" sound of a new email would release serotonin in my body and I would sigh with satisfaction. Electronic mashed potatoes.

This addiction to email was replaced with Facebook, which was eventually replaced with Etrade. I would follow the ups and downs of the market, trying to educate myself as best I could on what to do with my money in the event that I actually had money to invest.

This addiction was briefly replaced by the creation of this very blog. I sheepishly admit that at the beginning I obsessively returned to this site to read comments, to correct grammatical and spelling errors and to gaze at the beautiful long and uninterrupted archive list on the right hand side of this very page.

Go ahead. Look. I'll wait.


Don't I know it.

Now, I have shifted the focus of my addiction to Etsy, a site dedicated to homemade and vintage goodies. They have a daily enewsletter that brings me much joy. I'm often finding myself gazing and drooling all over the site. I'm amazed by the talented people in this world. I'm also amazed by how cheap everything is on this site. I think many of these artists don't give themselves enough credit.

I was even inspired to open my own shop.

Shameless self-promotion.

Again, don't I know it.

I'm running out of wall space in my apartment and need to sell my paintings. Plus, I'm giving 10% of the profits to charity. Why? Because I'm a giver. The rest of the profits will likely go to buying groceries at Trader Joe's and art supplies from Blick.

Buy my stuff. If you're my friend on Facebook, I'll give you FREE SHIPPING.

Why? Because I'm a giver.


  1. Giver S***! A saying said by the rural set when attempting to withdraw a vehicle from thick, wet, crusted soil in the wide open pastoral field. You, by donating, especially during lent, are the epitome of "givin' er s***! So yes, you are a giver.

  2. I had no idea Etsy had a newsletter. I gotta sign up.

    Better than the cheapness of great items on there is the uniqueness! I love that you can find really cool one-of-a-kind stuff. I have a name reserved, but have yet to put together the products I intend to sell there...some day...


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