Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 54: I didn't do my morning pages

It happened. I didn't do my morning pages yesterday.

I had planned on doing them after dinner but fell asleep on the couch.

I woke this morning feeling bad for two reasons:
1) the missed morning pages
2) I apparently have a cold

Which would explain why I fell asleep on the couch last night. I'm not the type of person who falls asleep on the couch after dinner unless something is seriously up with my system.

Despite the opportunity to use my cold as an excuse, I peeled myself out of bed and wrote three pages between blowing my nose and sipping tea. My pen started to peter out by the end of the third page. Fitting since my energy petered out, too.

But I am a determined young thing. I will persevere! Today I will do two sets of morning pages!

Can she do that? 

She's the rule maker so yes, she can do that. One set in the morning and one set later on, preferable before dinner so I don't flub up again.


  1. If any excuse is a good one, methinks it's a cold.

  2. JANICE!!! I LOVE MY NOTEBOOK!!! I am so happy that I won your contest! I worked out on the elliptical machine during my daughter's nap. I had the beautiful notebook and your letter right in front of me and it made me smile and feel so blessed the entire time. All the songs on my ipod took on new meaning. Janice Jackson's, "It's all for you, if you say you want it, if you say you need it." Took on a tone of manifesting reality, not my original interpretation of her talking to some guy about her hot body. Thank you for making my day Janice :) Love,
    Lisa K.


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