Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 55: Isn't this world such a beautiful place

Every once in awhile, I ask God to impress me.

I say to God, Hey God, today is a pretty average day. It's a good day for you to show some skills. Impress me.

Then God gets to work. He gathers all the angels who are sitting around smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo and tells them about my request. The angels brainstorm a bit. Then they come back and present their ideas to God who picks one and divvies out marching orders. This is what they did to impress me last night on my way home from work...

I was listening to a super great group called Stampead. The song was Alabama and the lyrics that were repeating were "Isn't this world such a beautiful place."

I was following an ambulance. It didn't have it's lights flashing but it did have an old lady in the back on the stretcher. She was with her caregiver and the ambulance attendant. The caregiver had opened his wallet to get out photos to share with the attendant. I imagine the photos were relatives of himself and the lady on the stretcher. The three of them were all laughing and smiling as they passed around the photos.

This lady was really old. She could have been taking her last trip to the hospital, if you catch my meaning, but she didn't look upset or scared. She was acting as if she were at high tea with her friends. I was also struck by the ambulance attendant who probably has to deal with tense situations most of the time, but he had a smile on his face. He looked caring, happy and calm.

All the while, the words that kept repeating through the stereo were, "Isn't this world such a beautiful place." Yes. Yes it is. This world really is such a beautiful place. Even in traffic on Wilshire Boulevard behind an ambulance.

God, I was impressed. Nice job.


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