Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 64: I needed my morning pages today

Remember the show ER? Of course you do. Who can forget? It was crazy running around, shouting prescriptions back and forth, yanking a bullet out of a wound here and stitching up a stab wound there.

That is what my day has been like at the advertising agency. Except instead of prescriptions, bullets and stitches it's folders, edits, concepts and print outs.

So not quite as dramatic as life and death situations like on ER.

Not quite, but the pace was the same. In between frantic running around, I found myself wishing I could do my morning pages just to check in, to make a list, to make the plan for the day.

Maybe that's why they are called "morning" pages.

Exactly! I'm starting to realize this... by day 64. So when I came home at the end of the frantic day I craved writing in my journal. What I wrote was nothing spectacular. The same old stuff. But this time, the same old stuff was oh so very satisfying. 

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  1. In the throws of agency days there are those when the thought, non-stop, is a distant mist of description. I've had days when I got in early to get ahead of the coming torrent, only to look up at lunch-time to find it was 4:00 pm. I couldn't agree more. The satisfaction of writing away from that pace was singular. Yes, craving.


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