Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 65: Artist Date of walking around downtown LA

People who live in Los Angeles do not tour Los Angeles. We do not explore our own backyard, largely because we spend most of our time running around getting things done. Angelenos tend to like busy-ness. And when we're not tending to our busy-ness, we're so exhausted that we spend a weekend in our housecoat and bunny slippers.

I veered from this habit by going on a walking tour of downtown LA with my friend Emily. First, we got out our City Walks: Los Angeles card deck, which features 50 walks of LA.
And we chose three cards:
Card #1: Olvera Street
Card #2: Chinatown
Card #3: Little Tokyo

We started the tour at Union Station, where people catch trains...

Do I want to go to Bakersfield or Vegas? Tough choice. Speaking of tough choices, people also get hitched at Union Station...

When they aren't doing either of those things, they sit around in the neat old chairs...

And take photos of each other as if they were tourists from another land and not what they really are, which is residents of LA...

After Union Station, we meandered to Olvera Street, which is LA's historic core, where the lovely Latin ladies sell colorful Mexican do-dads, tacos and the like.

"One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong. Can you tell me which thing is not like the others by the time I finish this song?" 

These marionettes were so creepy that even the marionette on the left looks creeped out.

Then it was time for lunch so we head to Chinatown. The rain was threatening to come down so there was no other food option than Pho (pronounced fah, not foe). Vietnamese soup with noodles and steamy goodness.
And we decided to take on the challenge of this captivating sign:
 The pho was very yummy so I happily paid.

Emily was also pleased and was also happy to pay.

 In Chinatown, you can get all the things you need and many things you don't need, like these stylish stove covers to hide your hideous burners.
The message here, children, is that Jesus likes money. 

Then we head off to Little Tokyo to take in some Tokyo lifestyle. 

So did this guy...

For dessert, we had red bean pancakes, which were hot off the grill and delicious as delicious can be...

Our final destination was the famous Phillipe's French Dipped Sandwiches.

You know this lady has been making french dipped sandwiches for a long, long time.

What do a vegetarian (Emily) and a vegan (me) get at a french dipped sandwich deli? 

Only our picture taken:
And so ends a completely wonderful trip around my own backyard. Now I'm going to stay home for the rest of the weekend in my housecoat and bunny slippers. 


  1. That's the same lady who's made our sandwiches on our last three visits to Phillippe's. I'm thinking a cot in the back.

  2. "Jesus likes Money" (note the capital on Money) would make a great book title.

  3. I love this entry! I bet it took a lot of work!!!

  4. The Jesus Money candle made me laugh out loud. I forgot how much fun it is to shop in Chinatown. I LOVE the trinkets with random English copy on them. Hours of entertainment down in those parts.


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