Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 67: Artist date of walking around Abbot Kinney and the Venice canals

A bonus artist date: City Walk of Abbot Kinney and the Venice Canals.

My friend Marni and I whipped out my card deck of City Walks: Los Angeles to find a super fun walk.

We settled on this walk of Abbot Kinney and the Venice Canals in Venice Beach, California:

Abbot Kinney has a slew of crazy characters. Though we didn't see the owner of this tricked out bike, we're pretty sure he or she qualifies as a crazy character:
That's Marni. She is not a crazy character. Well... not often.

Food trucks are a favorite along Abbot Kinney. Here's one such truck, the Baby Badass Burgers truck.

I appreciate the hot pink.

I do not appreciate being teased by a burger about my vegan ways.

Still, we got fries from this mocking truck. They were delicious!

Then it was off to my favorite stationery shop, Urbanic, where I came upon these pretty books:
I took a looksy inside said books:
And was very pleased to discover...
They were blank journals!
These lovely recycled book cover journals were created by Tyler Bender Book Co. and you can see more at his Etsy shop.

Farewell, Abbot Kinney.

We knew we were getting close to the Venice canals when we saw this amazing little corner grocery store:

We turned a corner and BOOM! Canals!
As fate would have it, our friend Abby lives in the canals, and though we didn't know exactly where she lived, she happened to walk out of her house at the exact time we were walking by. And if that wasn't amazing enough, she was having an Oscar party and invited us in!

Magic galore on our little artist date around town.

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