Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 75: Giving Catholics a good name

It was suggested to me that I partake in some Hawaiian-esque activities in order to get through my post Maui blues. So last night I walked to the water to watch the sunset. On my walk back, I saw that there was something going on at Saint Monica's Catholic church. A lecture of sorts. I walked in and sat at the back. A priest was speaking about being Christian in the modern age. He was funny and wise. He made five great points about being a good Christian:
  1. Open up the discussion of spirituality. Talk to the children in your family about their spiritual path. It doesn't have to necessarily be a Christian path. They may not have felt comfortable talking openly about their path because it's not something people talk openly about anymore. Help them feel comfortable. At the very least, it will let them know they can talk about it with you if and when they are ready.
  2. Be a good ambassador of the world. Be the Good Samaritan wherever you go. Open your eyes and seek ways to help rather than keeping your head down and focusing solely on your own path. When you see someone looking confused and holding a map on a street corner, stop and help. You may not only be leading them in the right direction geographically, but spiritually as well. People may base part their spiritual journey on how they are treated by you.
  3. Be inclusive, not exclusive. The priest said that to be Christian means to include everyone, regardless of religion or opinion. He said he'll baptize and marry anything that moves, and bury anything that doesn't because Jesus was not exclusive in his generosity. He was inclusive. 
  4. Look for ways to praise people. It spreads joy. He told a story about when he was in Ireland with his cousin and they went to the wake of a neighbor. His cousin walked into the wake, looked at the woman laying there and exclaimed, "Why Mary. You are the best looking corpse I ever did see... and let's face it, you weren't much to look at when you was alive. But now, you radiate!" Now, Mary may or may not have heard this but it definitely cheered up the people grieving the loss.
  5. Our job is to spread Amazing Grace. Be a grace-filled presence in the world. Even sing the song if you have to. It makes people happy.
Then he sang Amazing Grace and we all joined it. And he was right. It made us happy.

Post Maui blues dissolved. MAGIC!

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  1. I love that you ducked into a church like that. I'd never think to do that. Very good learnings that you came across too!


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