Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 78: Plastiki sets sail tomorrow

Plastiki sets sail tomorrow, Saturday March 20th @ 9:30 AM PST through San Francisco’s Golden Gate. Go see 'em off if you're in San Francisco. 

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming... 

Remember the Atkins diet? How can you not? We were inundated with the diet's principles of low-carb high-protein eating to lose weight. Even when we weren't on the diet, we were eating more chicken. Factory farms flourished and now they are the leading cause of mucking up the environment, and that's surpassing the damage from cars. By the way, here's a nice little quote I read today from a blogger I totally dig: 
"In case you didn't know, McDonald's has a system in the U.S. for killing chickens that skins and boils them alive."
Charming, non?  

Remember the bottled water fad? How can you not? When bottled waters became widely available everyone was sucking back the pure H2O for their health. Except that big 'uns like Dasani (Coke) and Aquafina (Pepsi) are so filtered of their healthy alkaline attributes that they remain acidic and not the aimed-for neutral level that water should be at. So we're filling our bodies with acidic water. What thrives in acidic bodies? Disease. Again, charming, non?

We're also filling up our landfills and clogging up our oceans with these water bottles. And that brings me back to Plastiki.

Plastiki is a boat made entirely out of recycled plastic. It's sailing from San Francisco to Sydney and stopping by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a clockwise swirl of currents that’s home to little except trash. Lots of trash. A trash pile bigger than Texas. (And you know Texas isn't going to like that. Texas likes to always be the biggest.)

Creating the Plastiki out of recycled plastic and sailing it across the Pacific is meant to raise awareness about the tragedies of plastic waste and to open up the discussion of potential solutions. It's the brainchild of banking heir David de Rothschild, host of Eco Trip on the Sundance Channel, who is a pretty righteous dude from what I can tell from his facebook status.

The cabin architect of Plastiki, Nathaniel Corum, I know a bit better than what I glean from status updates. I've been observing him futz and fool with the design and construction of the cabin for awhile now and the results are beautiful, functional and made from recycled (and continually recyclable) material. How sweet is that? Almost as sweet as the straw bale homes he created for the Hopi Nation. Plus, he's pretty good with a six string.

What is the point in this long-winded blog? 

I know. My blog is getting as long as Pete McCormack's.

Right. The fad of eating all that meat and drinking all that bottled water has effed up the planet royally. Where is all that meat coming from and where are all those bottles going? If we just stopped to think before we bought into the hype of these fads, wouldn't the planet be better off?

Food for thought. Speaking of food, tomorrow is the 25th annual Great American Meatout. It’s a day completely devoted to the plant-based diet. 

So let me recap for tomorrow. Go see off Plastiki in the morning if you're in San Francisco, eat a plant-based diet all day and don't wash it down with liquid from plastic bottles.

Aw shucks. You make me so proud. Now I'm changing my motto to:
Love more.
Be creative.
Serve where you can.
Stop with the bottled water.
Start with plant-based foods.
Follow Plastiki and discuss it with friends.
Give a hoot, don't pollute.
Perform random acts of kindness.
Bit of a long motto. But it's nothing compared to the length of this blog. Have you made it all the way here? Dear Reader, you are rocking my world. If you are reading this, email me your mailing address with Bonus Gift in the subject line. I'm sending you a gift. Random act of kindness? Check.


  1. As long as McDonald's is boiling the chicken, would it kill them to boil them in barbeque sauce so it's not so messy when I'm having McNuggets in the car? I don't know about carbon, but it would certainly decrease my bbq sauce footprint in the front seat.

  2. I read about this guy awhile ago! I was so horrified to find out about the floating landfill. 2x the size of Texas...unbelievable.

    A friend of mine sent me an article awhile ago about some new science where yeast eats plastic or something...I think it was in Wired magazine. Perhaps they can figure out a way to keep the yeast alive in seawater!

    I'll try to be meatless tomorrow. I've been trying to do Meatless Mondays since I heard about the benefit of that. And I NEVER eat McDonalds. Bleeeacht.

  3. I just had a look at the Plastiki site. Man, I would so be on THAT crew. Yum.

  4. Love what you're standing for—and you're gorgeous. Geez, what a combination! I say no to bottled water (okay, I drank bottled water in India) and McDonald's (because, personally, I think it's wrong to poison children) and Factory Farming (because, ah, I just don't like animals being McBrutalized for their whole lives), have for decades, and it feels great every day to do so.

    I don't know much, but I feel pretty sure that those two things—bottled water and factory farms—are not at all for the good of all.

    Thanks for your love and passion towards less cruelty and less pollution, one water bottle and one chicken at a time.

    Pete xoxo


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