Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 84: I got a needle in my bum!

It's true. I got a needle in my bum today. I went to Urgent Care because the pain in my back isn't going away and it feels like it's getting worse. For all my readers who are not American, Urgent Care is where American's go when they require urgent care, because to get into a doctor's office on the same day?!?! Fugedabout it.

To my American readers, the rest of the world doesn't have Urgent Care. They go to the doctor's office. Same day. No big deal.

(Hey rest of the world, American's have a copay. They actually have to pay a fee at the doctor's office. It's the strangest thing.)

Anyway, I went to Urgent Care because I had a pain in my back and what did I get? A needle in my bum. Pain relief my ass. Then there were x-rays, which I must admit, were pretty cool. It was nice to see the familiar fillings that I visit at the dentist office every year.

After that it was a prescription and a long wait at the pharmacy. Lucky for me, they had plenty of candy eye-candy to keep me occupied:

All these were taken with the Hipstamatic App on my iPhone that I love love love.

So, Jesus died for sins and rose again so that the Easter bunny could come and bring us candy? That's as confusing as going to the doctor's office to cure my back pain but getting a pain in my bum instead.


  1. Love the Hipstomatic for iphone app. so cool.

  2. perhaps the wound tight spine is just the physical manifestation of the risk it is taking "to remain tight in the bud" being "more painful than the risk it takes to blossom," maybe the back pain is a precursor to the blossoming...or maybe you just slept wrong.

  3. Oh dear... jellybeans! I may have to run to Walgreens for a quick sugar fix. :) Sorry to hear about the bum pain. I like what Marni said above.

    By the way, Congratulations on making it a full 12 weeks of The Artist's Way!! Spot on, girl!

  4. I understand the pain in the ass part!

    No Fun! At All!

    Poor you!

  5. I made it 12 weeks! Thanks Creative Sprite for pointing that out. YAYAYAYAYAYYAYA!!!

    And Marni, I think you're spot on with your comment. Worth pondering. Perhaps in my morning pages?

    Ans Scottie, yes, you of all people would understand the pain in the ass part ;-)


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