Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 85: The verdict is whiplash

Yep. The doctor said I had whiplash from extended computer use, which I find odd. I imagine car accidents and athletic endeavors as culprits for whiplash. Not office work. Perhaps I read a really shocking email and got whiplash from my reaction. I dunno.

"This before and after x-ray shows the side view of a patient's neck. The blue line shows correct alignment and the red line shows the patients alignment. It is easy to see that the alignment on the left is severely abnormal and the alignment on the right is almost perfect."
--from the Landgrebe Chiropractic Clinic site
This isn't my neck but it looks like my x-ray. I wish I would have taken a photo for this here blog but at the time when I was in the doctor's office I was cranky and in pain. So my neck is currently like the x-ray on the left. Straight. The neck is naturally like the x-ray on the right. Curved.

Hopefully my pain killers and especially my muscle relaxers will kick in and I'll be "right" again.

In the meantime, I'm couch bound.


  1. It looks bad, but you know I'm Mr. Cup Half Full. It could be worse.

  2. I can attest to the idea that ice, pain killer and muscle relaxers will do something. Oh yes. It will do something.

  3. You poor thing! I hope you heal and de-whip quickly. :)

  4. Yes Jeff, when I think of you I think of you as Mr. Cup Half Full. HA!

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  6. hi there, i randomly found this on the net as i was looking for an x-ray of my neck to show someone i know. It's just like yours. How is it now? Did it get better? (great blog btw :)

    louise :)

  7. Hi Loodles,

    Yes, my neck got better. I had a pain killer and anti-inflammatory working together. Plus, I laid on that couch for awhile. Now it's all good. I discovered that this happens when I wake up and it happens after I am very, very tired. I suspect it's because I sleep too deeply in one position and I screw up my neck. Glad you like the blog.


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