Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 90: How micro-changes can change your life

My friend Patricia recently told me of micro-changes. These are teeny tiny changes you make in your life to shake it up, be more present, open up a little. So today was my day of micro-changes:
  1. I walked to the coffee shop instead of getting ready for work then driving to the coffee shop on my way to work. The coffee shop was quieter and I sat alone with a friend and had a great one-on-one chat, rather than the usual boisterous gang chitchat, which is also fun but this quiet talk was nice, too.
  2. I did my stretches in the morning rather than at night when I'm usually too tired to bother. They felt almost spiritual, like I was really thanking the sun in my sun salutations.
  3. I wrote my morning pages with a green ink pen rather than the usual black ink pen.
  4. I took the video I needed to take for work rather than lamenting or worrying. I just friggin' did it. Surprisingly, it was quite fun.
  5. At the gym I chose the bike rather than the treadmill, though this was also because my neck is still tender from the whiplash episode of last week. I watched the biography of Oprah whilst on the bike. Loved it.
    With four of the five micro-changes, I experienced something delightful. A nice talk with a friend, serene stretches, a fun video and a captivating TV show. The green ink pen though? That's a no-go. I really REALLY love my black ink pen. I need the workhorse of black ink to lay down track in my morning pages.  

    I think I'll keep up with these micro-changes, and I invite you, dear Reader, to partake in a few micro-changes in your day. You may be surprised and delighted by the results. If so, share them below in the super wonderful comment section.

    I took this photo on my walk to the coffee shop in the wee hours of the morning. Looks like a gruesome murder took place here:
    Not to worry though. I survived and went on to the coffee shop where a fresh newspaper was waiting for my arrival:
    Cheers to your micro-changes!

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