Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 101: Coffee with Hugh MacLeod

We share the same last name. We are no relation. Devastatingly.

Hugh MacLeod is an advertising pro like me who started writing a blog. He also started a comic strip series on the back of business cards.

 All this swirled together to become a book called "Ignore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys To Creativity," which is just about the best book ever written (except for mine).

 My morning pages, a perfect pen, a coffee and Hugh's book. Great combo.

I look to Hugh's book when I want to throw it all away, find some bungalow in Maui and write my next book or paint a masterpiece or turn into a meditating off-the-grid hippie.

 His wisdom calms me with phrases like:
To suddenly quit one's job in a big ol' creative drama-queen moment is always, always, always in direct conflict with what I call "the Sex & Cash Theory."
He goes onto explain that a creative person has two kinds of jobs: One is sexy, the other is the kind that pays the bills. For me, I write books and paint (sex) and work as an advertising copywriter (cash). Sometimes the task at hand covers both, but not often.
This tense duality will always play center stage. It will never be transcended. And nobody is immune. not the struggling waiter, nor the movie star.
Nor the advertising copywriter. This is exactly the advice that helps me wake up on Monday mornings and head to work. Well, it's the caffeine addiction that gets me out of bed, but it's Hugh's words that keep me from crawling back into it.  

Thank God for Hugh MacLeod. Buy his book. So worth it.

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  1. So the goal is to get to the "Sex FOR Cash" level? :)

    I may have to go buy that book. I can use a little therapy of that sort every now and again.


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