Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 102: Boring is a four letter word

I have a 40 minute drive to work.

I head up the coast, admire the ocean, then turn into one of the canyon roads. I whirl my way through the mountains until I get spit out at a business park where I park my car and open the windows a crack to let my Real Self breathe in the car all day while I walk my Advertising Self inside and churn out ads.

In this 40 minute drive, I sing songs, do a lot of thinking and listen to audio books. All Augusten Borroughs' books are great. He wrote Running with Scissors.

Today I was thinking about what to do with myself over the next few months. Right now, I feel in between. I don't feel at the start of anything. I've been plugging away at this blog and I have some books and paintings on the go. I also don't feel at the end of anything. Without the enthusiasm of the beginning or the drive to complete near the end, I'm finding this state in between to be rather...


My dad used to say, "Boring is a four letter word." This koan got me thinking a lot about boredom when I was a kid. Like being bored was a bad thing. Even now as I write it, I'm afraid my dad will see the word and put me to work raking leaves or piling wood because that's what he would threaten on the few occasions when I said that dreadful four letter word.

But the days in between beginning and ending can be kind of boring. What do I do with that?

I keep plugging away. Keep driving those 40 minutes. Keep writing morning pages and keep blogging about it. Keep paying bills and making sure the Netflix DVDs are in a good rotation. Read the books I usually don't have time to read because I'm busy at the beginning of something or frantically finishing something.

Keep on keeping on. Maybe that's how great things get done. Those who push through the boredom in between are set apart from the masses. They are the Michelangelos and the Augusten Burroughs of the world. Hmmm. That's motivating.

Now I don't feel so bored.


  1. I SO needed this post! :) I also have a 40 minute drive to work and it's amazing what can go through my head during that time. (my drive does not seem as scenic as yours though....unless you count corn fields and cows as scenic)

    I agree ~ "embrace the boredom".....when your busy later, you'll wish you did.

    When I'm bored, I have a super, duper, extra, long shower until my skin wrinkles. During that shower, I usually think of 5 things to do when I get out.....

    love your blog ~

  2. "You're bored? Then go sweep the shop!" C.


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