Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 104: Plant-based office space

I recently read that a potted plant can help you feel better at work.

Researchers at Texas State University in San Marcos found that people who had a plant in their office rated themselves as more satisfied with life and work than those without them.
                                                           --Real Simple magazine
Hell, if all it takes to get more satisfied with life and work is a friggin' plant, count me in!

This is my actual office, complete with a plant, 
a googly-eyed tape dispenser and a slinky.

I wonder when the satisfaction starts kicking in.


  1. your office looks beautiful! You have much to be thankful for!



  2. The satisfaction kicks in when the plant dies, you throw it out and then replace it with a wet bar. Studies show that can make you feel more satisfied with life and work too. Not major studies, just my own personal one.

  3. Make mine a double.

  4. I find that travel pictures around the desk help, too. Then you can gaze out onto a Greek sunset while you're toiling away on web banner copy...

  5. Make sure it is a picture of a shirtless, hot Greek, in front of the sunset.

  6. I second the shirtless hot greek! with rippling abs that I can lick! (hehe)

    It was just a thought!


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