Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 105: What is the point of writing morning pages

What is the point of writing morning pages?

For me, morning pages are for:
  • Getting frustrations out (priority #1)
  • Having conversations with angels, guides, God or whoever seems to be writing back
  • Having conversations with the parts of my body and soul that hurt
  • Having conversations with unrequited loves (you know who you are... not you... the other one)
  • Writing first drafts of this blog (like right now)
  • Making lists
Making lists is usually my default mode when I have nothing to bitch and complain about in my pages. Today I started making a list but then I realized that after making the list, I would start plugging away at the tasks on my list, which would be followed by...

by what?

After accomplishing all I had on my list I'd





That's just plain nuts. I've become a ridiculous list maker. I've busied myself to the point where I've stopped daydreaming. Too busy with the list, you see. No time to have a thought to myself.

Well that's gonna change people. Right here. Right now. Even if I have to list "daydream" on my list.

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  1. i think this should be in the next book. good stuff.


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