Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 110: Making something out of nothing

My sister Julie can make something out of nothing. She can look through my cupboards and whip up a gourmet delight while I look at the same cupboards and think I've got nothing.

She's a full on culinary artist. I am not. I can't pretend to be. To try to be makes me tired. But what I can do is dissect an average day and find the fun. To get a sense of what I'm saying, check out my photo essay of today:

Hungry coworker Scott at Whole Foods. 

Coworker Sharon radiating beauty at the office.

Admiring geraniums on my walk.
They were my grandma's favorite flower.

Spying on the cutest couple ever going for a walk. 
(click to enlarge)

Getting all Buddha with self.

Ending the day with my friend Marni
who is picking out a vegan dessert for us at Real Food Daily.

Pretty average day. Nothing big happening. But sometimes, those are the days when we have to look a little deeper. On those days we find the goods in the back of the cupboard and gratitude for what we didn't know we already had. For my sister, it's random ingredients. For me, it's jaunts with friends around my usual haunts.


  1. DId I tell you ever how much you cheer up my day?

  2. Love the Hipstamatic!! Buddha pic is great as is the one of Sharon. she should make that her profile photo or something.
    I still giggle to myself: hispanic for iphone. oy vey.

  3. Something from nothing comes from practicing too, 'eh?

  4. May I just congratulate you on your choice of subject matter!
    I prefer to use the old adage,
    "poverty is the mother of invention",
    some say 'Necessity' (same thing in my book). The reason for this is simple: when you don't have a Toys R'Us, or take-away food at your disposal you learn to deal. How we choose to deal is different, yet, ultimately the same outcome. So I say thank you to all those who forced our hands and taught us to "just deal with it", and make somethng outta nuttin'.

  5. Old people are the cutest. Can I hire you to come photograph my life? :)


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