Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 113: Artist Date at the laundromat

I had to wash my unmentionables, so I won't mention them.

And I wanted to wash that which shall not be mentioned quickly. I didn't want it to take up the whole evening. So off I went to the laundromat so I could do a lot of loads all at once.

Laundromats with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone are great.

Sorting through the reds.

Sorting through the grids.

Did you know that washing machines have a countdown clock on them so that you know exactly how long your load will take?


When I knew I had 31 minutes to wait for my whites to be whiter and my colors to be brighter, I traipsed off looking for trouble... or at least some spooky photos to take.

Dusk in Santa Monica.

Ominous lighting galore.

Sweet Cadillac and some dashboard light.

Creepy window display made creepier with my image in the window.

Now, not only is my laundry done, but so is my artist date for the week!



  1. The window display with your image reminds me of the ghosts in the mirrors at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Except this time you're the ghost.

  2. totally creepy window display--made even creepier by the Hipstamatic.

    uh, it's Sunday. Where is Saturday?

  3. I would've had a nightmare about that little man chasing me with his hammer. What is he, anyway, a cobbler?


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