Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 114: How to embrace an introverted life

I went to Palm Springs on one of my friend Sharon's Gold Passes.

These passes meant that she got to drag me along to whatever she wanted me to do. There was a house party in Palm Springs that she wanted to attend. I imagined drunk strangers, direct sunlight, no time to self and no escape. It sounded just awful. Hence the "dragging" aspect of the gold pass.

When I arrived at the party, there was some of that, but everyone was quite nice. Still, I became overwhelmed so I went to my room to write my morning pages. I was relieved to be hiding inside of my pages. Like I had stowed away a friend in my bag and we were playing in the back room. In my pages, I examined why I went to this party kicking and screaming. Then I remembered:

People bug me. 

Why? Because if there are enough people around me, the energy drains from my system and I'm left sitting like a zombie, trying to not watch the clock. Some people come alive in a crowd. I cower and look for the quietest corner. I once thought there was something wrong with me until I heard about a book:


The title alone gave me enough permission to do my own thing and not feel bad about finding a quiet corner at the party.

Anyway, back to the party. I was there with a couple girls who I suspect are introverted like me because they were in the same quiet corner. They let me take photos of them on my iPhone while they played new apps on their iPhones. It was a thousand and one times more fun than being in the middle of the loud party. 

So how does one embrace an introverted life? Find quiet corners, create your own fun and don't apologize for any of it to extroverts who don't understand.

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  1. I would have pinned you for an extrovert. I always associate that with being outgoing, even though that's not how it's defined.

    Your "people bug me" statement made me laugh out loud at my desk.


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