Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 116: Enthusiasm, casinos and a breakfast buffet


I realized when I was sitting at the breakfast buffet at the casino that it's all about enthusiasm.

I was sitting with my friend Sharon and we were viewing the gawd-awful art on the walls as we were chowing down on our grub. We were the youngest people there by about 40 years. The old folks were so cute. Dressed up to hang at the casino. As we were looking at the art on the walls, we were discussing how we could have done that art. That the art that sold for a bunch of cash was not even as good as the art we could have done.

But, we didn't do that art. We didn't want to do that art. And it's really hard to do art that you're not enthused about doing. Someone had enough enthusiasm to take a generic photo of a flower and paint an abstract something-or-other. That same person had enough enthusiasm to market this art to this casino and this casino had enough enthusiasm back to buy the art.



So we when we were walking back from the casino, I took a few photos. Anyone could have taken this sweet photo of a lonesome old car:

And anyone really could have taken this bad ass pic:

But they didn't. I did. Why? Because I had the enthusiasm to do it.

Now, I just need to find someone to buy them.

Good luck with all that.

Or, maybe my viewing audience is you. You who has the enthusiasm to read this post.

Yeah. That's right. 
Yes. That's right.


  1. I'm enthusiastic about casinos. Does that count?

  2. Me, I like the cars. I'm just figuring out where to hang them.

  3. I dig your enthusiasm! It makes me enthused about reading your blog!
    I would buy those photos.

  4. check out the award you won on my blog! This one is for you with NO WORK INVOLVED. :) Just keep it and enjoy....forget the rules.


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