Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 119: Could we ever be dead right now

"I only hope that Heaven has good coffee and lots of crappy, ugly places to photograph."
                            --My friend Bruce
A few years ago, I found myself in Needles, California, with my friend Bruce. We were on a road trip looking for ugly places to photograph. The good kind of ugly. The Jeff Brouws kind of ugly. The ugly that makes you gasp and say, "I looked but didn't see the beauty until you showed me in your photo."

(Jeff Brouws, if you read this, Bruce and have this sick love for you that makes our teeth tingle.)

With Google Alerts. You never know who is reading your blog.

This is a typical scene of Bruce and Janice out taking photos in the desert:

That's Bruce setting up a shot on the right and my car on the left.

We were taking photos of the ultimate getaway: A trailer in the middle of nowhere. Awesome. 

Back to Needles, California. Needles was once a one horse town and now it is a one hotel, one gas station and one garage town.

The garage was beautifully ugly.

We met the mechanic and his dog.

We mentioned to the mechanic that we were looking for old cars to photograph. He smiled, hopped in his truck and yelled, "Follow me!" So we did, thinking he'd take us to a used car lot or something. But we became suspicious when he drove us down a very dirt driveway into the desert.

I started to get nervous and I mentioned this to Bruce.

"What could happen?" he said.

We laughed. Nervously.

Turns out there were old cars behind this hill, we took our photos and the mechanic was super nice.
 That's Bruce again. It takes him forever to get a shot.

This is not the beautiful kind of ugly. This is just ugly.

This, too. Just plain ugly.

Our mechanic/possible serial killer got a call about a "car" that needed to be "towed" and he left.

As he peeled off down the dusty road, Bruce turned to me and said, "Could we ever be dead right now."


  1. Janice, this is awesome. Thanks so much for writing about this -- it was a great day. Your story reminded me of one of the photos I took out there (I posted it on Picasa just now, check out the link below). If something HAD happened to us, well it wouldn't be the first time bullets were fired in that little patch of desert...

  2. Also... I forgot you had that photo of the dog on the hood of the Chevy, that is a GREAT shot.

  3. Thanks for sharing your light Janice. Your writing makes me smile. -Lisa K. (end of week 11, artist's way.)

  4. Bruce, that is a great shot of the shots in the desert. What were we thinking?

    And Lisa K. End of week 11! Good for you! One more week... then it's all "congraduations" for you.


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