Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 92: The Real Artist Rant

I'm a real artist. This is what I had to tell myself in my morning pages today.

The Real Artist Rant

Real artists don't whine about not having an idea.

Real artists share their art with the world.

Real artists don't keep putting off posting their paintings on Etsy or sending their proposal to the publisher.

Real artists are in it for the money, too.

Real artists suck it up and stick to it.

Real artists have day jobs.

Real artists make time do to their art.

Real artists know that inspiration waits for no one.

Real artists know that if the idea doesn't come through them, it will come through someone else so the artist better get to work before the idea finds someone else.

Real artists do more doing of the art and less talking about the art.

Real artists do not hide in some back studio painting masterpieces while their agents stand in the front room manning the public.

Real artists do not delude themselves into thinking there is a public waiting for them. There isn't. Yet.

Real artists know that the doing of the art and sharing the art are equal parts of the job of being a real artist.

Real artists don't make a big deal about it or an elaborate dramatic story about it.

Real artists just get to it and get it done.


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