Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 93: The art of the micro-movement

It all started with sending a package in the mail.

All I had to do was find a box, put in the contents, write a letter, tape up the box, find and write the address on the box, go to the post office and send it.

I did everything except go to the post office and send it.

So of course, that's what I focused on. The thing I didn't do.

In reality, my project was a series of micro-movements:
  1. Find a box
  2. Put in the contents
  3. Write a letter
  4. Tape up the box
  5. Find the address
  6. Write the address on the box
  7. Go to the post office
  8. Send it
By the end of step 6, I ran out of time and energy so I moved onto something else. But, there was a wee nagging voice in my head wondering about when we were going to send the packages already. That's when a stronger, wiser voice piped in and asked:
Was progress made?
Yes. Progress was made. I accomplished steps 1 to 6. Maybe that's enough for today.

What if we all just gave ourselves permission to make a few micro-movements on our projects? And what if we saw THAT as the accomplishment in the day. We'd let ourselves breathe a little. Live a little. Enjoy life a little.

Yes, it's very important to get tasks done. But if they don't get done, it's good to ask ourselves if progress was made. Progress counts for something, too. Micro-movements are how we chip away at our projects to ensure we're getting somewhere. And if we aren't progressing at all, well that's good fodder for our next trip to the therapists office.

Micro-movements are what make every project doable and infinitely more enjoyable because we stop being a slave to our projects and start being the master of them.


  1. Easter morning...where to start?

    Step 1: Make coffee...check
    Step 2: Drink coffee...check
    Step 3: Hide Easter eggs...check
    Step 4: Find Easter eggs...check
    Step 5: Eat Easter eggs...check

    That's enough for me. Not so overwhelming after all.

  2. 1. Read your blog
    2. Think about it
    3. Try to come up with a humorous comment to leave

    Out of energy. My head hurts. I'm stopping at 3. Progress was not made. But it's still enough for today.

  3. This is very, very good. I needed this 3 weeks ago. I will try to remind myself of it when I'm mentally socking myself in the face for not getting stuff done.


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