Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 95: Artist Date: Getting an emissions test

An emissions test doesn't sound like much of an artist date UNTIL YOU ADD THE HIPSTAMATIC IPHONE APP.

Then it's a par-tay.

For readers who don't live in California, if you have a certain type of car of a certain age then you are required to get an emissions test, which is kind of like a smog report on your car. If your car outputs too much smog, you need to get something fixed. Luckily, my emissions test renewed my fondness for Civie, my fuel-efficient-tootin'-around-the-neighborhood Honda Civic. The car had a clean bill of (smog) health.

While I waited, I played with my super wonderful iPhone app, Hipstamatic:

That's Charlie, my emissions guy.

I hadn't planned on turning my errand into an artist date, but I had so much fun being creative that I think it qualifies. And it opened me up to more possibilities for artist dates. No longer must I traipse around art galleries or museums to find inspiration. The 76 station on the corner of Topanga and Ventura works just fine.


  1. I wish my Cannon had an app like that. ;)

  2. I had an Uncle who used to come to our house every Thanksgiving, eat enough for three people, then fall asleep on the couch. Unfortunately he was our emissions guy. And no app would make that a pretty picture.


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