Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 94: Seeking approval from strangers

After I posted The Real Artist Rant last week, I finally posted all my paintings on Etsy. It took three months of writing, "Today I should post my paintings on Etsy" in my morning pages to finally do it. 

Once I posted them, I imagined a week full of orders. Me stuffing boxes with eco-friendly packaging, labeling, and walking them all into the post office with glee. Standing in line. People asking me "So what is that you're sending?" Why it's paintings that I, myself, painted and then sold on Esty. See, I'm a real artist and that's what real artists do. Then I'd hand them my card with my blog address on it (yes, these exists), come home to count my money and stare at my blissfully blank walls. 

This was not the case. Etsy has a feature where you can "Heart this item" or "Heart this shop." Being both in love with my own paintings and impatient, I checked to see just how many people "Heart" my favorite crow painting, "Blackbirds singing in the dead of night" and this is what it said on the screen:

What? There must be some mistake. I heart my paintings and so must the world. Then I started to laugh. Somehow, I found this hilarious. Partly because of the weirdness of the truncated sentence and partly because I realized that I was seeking approval outside of myself. I thought my painting rocked, but I won't fully believe it until someone else agrees?

That's just silly.

So, dear Artists, there is a lesson here somewhere. Even though "No one calls Blackbird singing in the dead... a favorite yet," it's still a favorite of mine.

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  1. i heart your blackbird too. thanks for writing! meri


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