Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 97: 5 Gold Passes

I didn't know what I was getting into when I gave 5 Gold Passes to my friend Sharon for her birthday. These passes meant that she got to drag me along to whatever she wanted me to do.

Sharon and her 5 Gold Passes.

This is what she came up with:
  1. Palm Springs at a house party with strangers.
    Sharon: It will be fun.
    Janice: It will be drunk strangers, direct sunlight, no time to self and no escape.
    Sharon: Gold Pass!
  2. Weekday afternoon at the beach.
    Sharon: It will be fun.
    Janice: I have to use vacation hours for this!?!??! You know how long they take to accrue?
    Sharon: Gold Pass!
  3. Lesbian bar to be her wing "man"
    Sharon: It will be fun.
    Janice: I'm not really sure what my role will be. Loud drunk chicks. How late will we be out?
    Sharon: Gold Pass!
  4. Surf camping with the ladies she picks up at the lesbian bar
    Sharon: It will be fun. Overnight camping. Relaxing.
    Janice: It will be scary. Overnight camping. Getting-to-know you chit chat with strangers.
    Sharon: Gold Pass!
  5. Las Vegas on a random Friday after work for the weekend
    Sharon: It will be fun. We'll drive after work, stay up all night, gamble like crazy and sleep all morning in our hotel room.
    Janice: It will be... well, that actually will be fun.
    Sharon: Then do I have to use the Gold Pass?

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  1. I friggin want a gold pass. dude. where's my gold pass?


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