Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 122: Coffee date with Polaroid Notes

One of my favorite weekend activities is to hop on my bicycle and head down the beach to Urbanic on Abbott Kinney Boulevard, which is the best stationery shop EVER.



Check out the black bike trying to pick up my blue bike outside the shop:

I can see why. My blue bike has got it going on. Plus, Abbott Kinney is a scene! You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a hottie. After I picked up some new supplies at Urbanic, I rode up to a new coffee shop on Main Street in Venice, CA:

Once I settled into my chair, I whipped out my goodies from Urbanic:

Little beautiful note cards the size of Polaroids. Makes my teeth tingle.

After gazing at my treats, I settled into my morning pages and realized the date:

My five month anniversary of starting this project. 122 days of morning pages and blog posts. That's something. It is also my friend Jim's birthday:

He told me not to tell. Oh well. You know how it is with blogs. A lot of sharing. A lot of words. And a heck of a lot of coffee.


  1. Your coffee pictures are so beautiful - you should sell them as a series. Seriously.

    Please tell me you've been to Abbott Kinney Pizza. It's seriously some of the best pizza I've ever eaten!

  2. you have a truly fantastic blog! :)


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