Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 126: Follow your Heart

This is not some flowery optimistic instruction from Beyond. Follow your Heart is a restaurant I discovered at lunch right here in the stinking valley, right off Sherman Oaks, the armpit of LA. It's a grocery store with a great restaurant in the back. It is probably what Whole Foods was like before Whole Foods become the conglomerate that it is today.

Imagine being vegan but loving burgers.
Imagine loving diners but knowing they only have meat burgers.
Imagine a place where you can get a vegan burger at a diner.

Follow your Heart is this place. It has the best vegetarian greasy spoon fare ever.

Let's start with diner coffee...

Then let's assume you want soy because you're probably vegan...

Then let's assume you want cane sugar because chances are, you're that girl...

Then let's give you a veggie burger that tastes like a real burger...

(No burger photo available as your author inhaled it upon receipt.)

Then let's let the "burger" settle with unlimited cups of coffee...

Heaven. I'm in heaven. And all it took was a burger and a coffee.


  1. AnonymousMay 07, 2010

    Coffee ~ mmm.
    Diner coffee ~ mmm mmm.
    Diner coffee and soy? Mmm mmm mmm?
    Will have to give that a try.....

  2. The valley might just be asking too much. From a driving perspective, of course. I will, however, head over to WF for the vegenaisse.
    Veggie burger and coffee. It's on the list.

  3. blakerooMay 09, 2010

    Isn't the stomach the way to one's heart? Looks delish. Love diner fare of any persuasion.

  4. Janice it is funny reading this now that you are living in Paris and in love with a butcher! Life is a journey.


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