Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 127: Morning pages report and second chances

I figure I should actually report on this project once in awhile rather than just show you all the photos I take with my iPhone. Okay, just one:

To recap this project for new readers, I have decided to write three pages in my journal everyday in 2010 and blog about the experience. My hypothesis is that my life will change in magical and beautiful ways, I will unleash incredible art and become the artist I'm meant to be.

So far, I've written mostly each day. I've skipped it four times, including Day 128. Plus, I haven't updated since last Thursday and I've had a few people call. Okay, my sisters call. They go into high alert when I haven't updated my blog daily, figuring something must be up and they must get to the bottom of it, but not before discussing amongst themselves. I love them.

The reason I haven't blogged is that I haven't wanted to. I kinda got sick of it last week. Yet, I'm not ready to let go of the project or the idea of having 365 blog entries this year.

Speaking of not being able to let go, I met a man at my coffee shop today that was reading a really thick book. I saw that it was from the library. I told him that he's gonna have to renew that sucker because there is no way he can get that read before it's due.

He laughed and told me that he doesn't have to read the entire book, but something inside him can't let go of the idea that he should read the whole book. And he said if spends his time reading this book, he can avoid doing other things.

I told him that I knew exactly how he felt.

He asked for an example. I wanted to sit down at his table and give him one but I got shy because he was super cute. Anyway. I wanted to tell him about how I'm trying to reread all my morning pages and harvest all the good bits to create some sort of amazing book or painting or poetry something-or-other or anything of merit at all. But as long as I just stick to rereading the morning pages, I don't actually have to write the something-or-other of any merit.



So, to report: I skipped a day writing pages. I felt guilty about it. I didn't want to have to write about it in my blog, therefore I didn't write my blog.

Full disclosure.

Thanks. Appreciate it. You know, it's a challenge to stick to something. You're doing a great job.

Thanks, dear Reader. You're always here to encourage me. And sometimes to call me to ask WTF is going on. Your emails, calls and text help me keep going. I would have probably quit this project a month ago had you not been here to read this.

A thousand thank yous for this.

So as of now, I'm giving myself a second chance. Starting new. I fell off the wagon but I'm back on. We're doing this.

Yep. We're doing this.


  1. AnonymousMay 10, 2010

    I'm so glad you're okay. Jule and I were worried, but mom said you were looking out over the ocean yesterday living your charmed life.

    You ARE doing a great job, especially with inspiring people to dream big.

    Love you, C.

    P.S. So how cute was he?

  2. Never underestimate the power of a phone call or two or three! Yes, wondered WTF was going on. Figured it was just you not wanting to do it anymore, mad at it, etc. I get it. However it isn't just about you anymore, it is about me and my need for a smartly written piece of Jan's Life, in order to laugh, smile, knowingly nod, or just be entertained. You must think of your fans!! Or else you will get surly, witty written comments from Jeff... and who wants that?

  3. Everyone Jule, everyone.

  4. Keep up the GREAT job, Janice!!! I love your morning pages.
    I'm not so concerned whether you skip a day or two....what I'm concerned about is, how will I deal with the withdrawl in 2011?!?

  5. Oh dear, I hope this isn't all coming to an end in 2011. Maybe you can just cut back to every other day, then...


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