Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 143: Demystifying vision boards

I've done my share of vision boards. And if you've ever seen the ridiculously popular film The Secret you've probably done your share vision boards, too.

Vision boards are boards you create to graphically illustrate your hopes and dreams. Usually they look like a collage of magazine clippings. The whole idea behind them is to attract what you want in life.They usually include fancy cars, diamond rings, tropical vacations and, in my case, photos of Simon Baker.

Dreamy Simon Baker. 

I've had mixed results with these vision boards. Mostly, stuff didn't happen. But a few times, I was astonished by the results. My biggest vision board win was adding a photo of a girl in a red dress on a beach in Hawaii. Then I won a Hawaiian vacation. Only when I was standing on the beach in Hawaii wearing a red dress did I remember the photo from the vision board.

But if everything on the vision boards came true, I'd have been married to Simon Baker (or a reasonable facsimile). We'd be living in a house with an ocean view. And of course we'd have scads of moolah and all I'd have to do all day was write my morning pages and update my blog. Oh and I'd be 10 pounds lighter.

But I did get that Hawaiian vacation.

Dreamy Hawaii. 

In the most recent issue of O Magazine, Martha Beck serves up a way to improve results with the vision board.
  1. Pick photos that make your animal self smile, not what you think would make you happy. Sometimes this is a photo of a leaf or a dress or flowers or a scene or a person that makes your heart jump with glee. 
  2. Look at the photos and feel how great they make you feel. (Glee is what we are after)
  3. Toss them, recycle them, chuck them and move on.
This is paraphrased, but it's the gist. I like how I don't have to spend time gluing all this down on a dumb board like I'm an 11-year-old girl sitting on my bed making a collage out of the boys in Teen Beat Magazine.

Dreamy Ricky Schroeder. 

Oh, I have another vision board win. I was once perusing magazines for my vision board and I came across a photo of this handsome architect. I looked at him and thought, "There you are." I've never met him before, at least not in this life (nor in my "sideways" life... Lost wink). I read about him then I found him online and emailed him.

We had a nice little back and forth for a time. It was dreamy and I suspect it meant more to me than to him. But he assisted with altering the course of my life even though he doesn't know it. We were at a Mexican restaurant, which isn't usually the birthplace of revelation. As we indulged in our Combo #1 and Combo #4, I asked him about his dreams. He was the first person ever to say that he was living them. That he was doing exactly what he wanted to be doing, with the exact schedule he wanted, for the exact price he wanted, with the exact people he wanted, in the exact place on the planet he wanted.

Something in me came undone.

Right then, in between bites of my enchilada, my mind opened up to the possibility that the dream of my life doesn't have to be more of my current M-F 9-6 corporate America gig. This guy that I met from some old magazine helped me realize that I want to become the person who, when asked about my dreams, says that I'm living them.

Of course I didn't say that to him. I hardly knew him at the time and I had other kinds of goals in mind for that evening in regards to him, which I'm happy to report, I did in fact achieve.... I didn't have to paste a picture of that on the vision board. But it sure was something that made my animal self smile.


  1. Oh how very much I want to talk to you about the manuscript I've been working on for the last year...

    I read Martha Beck's article too and enjoyed it very much. :)

  2. okay. this is so strange. The DAY you posted this link, yesterday, I actually SAW (for the first time in person, mind you) Ricky Shroeder at my gym! How odd is that? You blog about him and I see him. We are just too in sync I tell you.


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