Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 150: Walking around Rome

Romans, it has been said, think their city is better than every other city. I'm starting to agree.

My feet, however, are sick of traipsing around Rome. In Rome, you have two choices for shoes: Shoes that will make your feet hurt or shoes that will make your feet hurt more. Even with running shoes, the kind with all the technical prowess a shoe can muster for optimum performance, are NO MATCH for the mean cobblestone streets of Rome.

You will be tired and yet, you will walk. You will say you have seen enough and yet, you will walk down an interesting path "just to see." You will be in agony from your Colosseum and Forum doubleheader tour and STILL you will wander down a few more streets to find a gelato finish off the evening.

Your dogs will bark but you will tell them, "Listen! This is what we were training for. All that hiking and running back in LA... It was all for this, so you could pack in as much of Rome as you can. I know your soles are tired and I'm aware of the blisters but BUCK UP. You're in friggin' Rome!"

This is what Aine looks like when her feet hurt.

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  1. Ah gelato...great healer of weary sightseers...


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