Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 162: Back on terra firma in Los Angeles

The best way to get back in the swing of thing is to avoid reality altogether.

Now that I'm back from Italy, I don't want to return phone calls or emails. I just want to stay quiet and create an album of my photos on Facebook, then sit back and watch the comments roll in. Oh how I live for comments. Comments on Facebook, comments on my blog... emails from my new Roman friends that make my heart beat... 

I send you a kiss on a whisper... when I hold you I smell your skin and close my eyes... I want the flavor of your skin.

Seriously. I'm not even making that up. Roman boys rock.

I must admit, being back online also pretty much rocks. That's about the best part of my return. But the rest of the time, I feel a little lost.

This is what I look like when I'm lost in Rome:

I'd rather be lost in Rome.

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