Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 166: A funeral for my iPhone

Generally speaking, I'm not really into material things.

I have a sweet little Honda Civic that I've zipped around town in for the last ten years and I'm hoping to get another ten out of it. I don't have many clothes and many of the clothes I have were procured at thrift stores. When I go shopping with friends, I spend most of my time outside the stores on the park benches with all the old men who are waiting for their wives who are shopping with my friends inside the stores.

I believe in one-downmanship and that less is the new black. It's a stylish act of rebellion against consumerism.

But all these beliefs are tossed aside when it comes to Apple products.

I love my iPhone like I love my friends. Always there. Always amazing me. Always fun.

Until today when I dropped it and killed it.

I didn't know what to do, how to fix it. I shook it as if it was a drown victim. Move! Turn on! Go! Show me there is some life left in you!!!

I freaking flipped out.

After that, I looked for Oscar, the super wonderful IT professional at my office, to request assistance. Then I followed him all over the office like a puppy dog until he took my phone and tried to fix it.

The prognosis was that the sucker had seen it's day.

This was what I looked like when he told me that my relationship with my current iPhone was over:

I was one sad puppy.

Luckily, because Oscar is, as stated, the super wonderful IT professional at my office, he had a spare Motorola phone that will get me through until my new iPhone 4G arrives. He did the SIM card switcheroo and I'm up and running again.

 Oscar loves burritos. I love burritos, too.

After he left, I held this ancient piece of machinery in my hands. 

Am I going to have to text the old fashioned way?

Am I going to have to key in phone numbers the old fashioned way? (The address book didn't carry over on the SIM card.)

Am I going to have to plug this phone into a socket to charge it? A socket?!?! I can't even plug this phone into my computer?

I can't take photos with this phone, I can't listen to music on this phone, and worst of all, I can't grab my phone and check my email in the morning before I even get out of bed. 

I can, however, make calls, which was never the iPhone's forté. 

The iPhone has turned me into a desperate housewife. A materialistic spoiled brat with high expectation.

But the technology is soooooo great. It really has changed everything. Again.


  1. Ooooh but you're going to get the new one!

    One of our designers just did the exact same thing yesterday - dropped his iPhone and made the screen all cracky and weird. I think it was just a ploy to get #4.

  2. Ya I guess I slammed it hard enough, too. Hee hee.


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